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10g Clinical Study Overview: Naticol

This study was conducted by Just Research in Tokyo. Its purpose was to evaluate female participants' acceptance of Naticol marine collagen. A dosage of 10,000 mg (10G) of Naticol was taken for either 2 or 4 weeks by a panel of 52 healthy Japanese females from Tokyo. Each had normal skin and was aged between 20 and 60 years old. Results were collected via consumer surveys, demonstrating that participants experienced improvements in wrinkles, skin radiance, skin hydration, and skin firmness in just 2 weeks. After 4 weeks, the results were even more noticeable.

Naticol Clinical Study: 5g

The creators of Naticol carried out this double-blind, randomised clinical study. The goal was to evaluate the anti-ageing potential of a daily dose of 5g of Naticol marine collagen peptides. It was taken in the morning via a liquid suspension with biomechanical measurements controlled by certified dermatologists. Results were collected using facial photography and a Cutometer to measure skin elasticity. By day 56, the study found a substantial reduction of wrinkles and substantially improved skin firmness. It was concluded that oral ingestion of 5g Naticol would improve skin firmness and reduce wrinkles.

2018 Luteil Naticol Study: 2.5g

Published in the Juniper Online Journal of Case Studies, this looked at the effect of a low dosage of Naticol marine collagen peptides on signs of skin ageing. This was a monocentric, double-blinded, randomised, placebo-controlled study with 57 mature female participants over a period of 12 weeks. At week 12, results were evaluated via a questionnaire wherein the volunteers reported their satisfaction based on numerous criteria. The results showed significant improvements in skin elasticity for the people using the marine collagen, and a substantial increase in skin lightness. The conclusion was that a once daily oral supplement with a low dose of Naticol over 3 months had positive effects on skin qualities.

Evaluation of the Anti-Ageing Potential of Naticol

This clinical study was all about the anti-ageing properties of Naticol on the signs of ageing in the faces of Asian volunteers. Executed as a mono-centre, double-blind, randomised study, participants either took a daily dosage of 10g of Naticol or a placebo for a period of 12 weeks. There were 40 healthy female subjects, all aged 50-70. Before the test, there was a location and selection of test zones on the faces, and these were reevaluated at week 6 and week 12 to test for improvements. In the results, it was observed that issues like crow’s feet and other facial wrinkles decreased significantly in participants taking 10 Naticol.

Naticol and Collagen Synthesis

This study made an in-vitro assessment of the benefits of Naticol. Cultures were cultivated to mimic the behaviour of cells in the human body, and they were treated with 1mg of Naticol to observe the synthesis of the nutrients in real-time. Observations showed significant increase of collagen synthesis with Naticol. Thus, the study was able to conclude that Naticol can increase collagen synthesis, and other advantages like anti-inflammatory properties were observed.

Marine Collagen Peptides for Lean Body Mass and Physical Function

This was another piece of clinical research carried out as a double-blind, randomised study against a placebo. The study involved 28 subjects with a mean age of 62.5 years over a period of 24 weeks. The primary objective was to measure whether a daily oral intake of 15g of Naticol could bring about significant changes in body mass. The results showed a significant increase in lean body mass for participants taking Naticol, and as well as improvements in basic physical performance tests. The study was able to conclude that regular intake of Naticol may significantly improve physical function by helping to build lean body mass.

Fish Collagen Peptides for Joint Health

This double-blind, randomised study against a placebo involved 30 subjects with a mean age of 61 over 8 and 12 weeks. The objective was to assess whether a daily intake of 10g of Naticol could bring about improvements in joint comfort. Scores regarding quality of life and short physical performance were taken at baseline, week 8 and week 12. Results showed a gradual decrease in pain and a concurrent improvement in physical function. Participants reported substantial improvements in their quality of life after taking Naticol, and improved performance in the chair test was observed. The study concluded that daily oral ingestion of 10g of Naticol over 12 weeks could alleviate the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis.