Informed Choice

What is Informed Choice?

Informed Choice sets the benchmark for sports nutrition quality control all around the world. The rigorous retail monitoring process of Informed Sport puts products through rigorous monthly checks to ensure there is minimal risk of any contamination. When you see the Informed Choice logo, you can have extra peace of mind as a consumer. Whether you are an athlete or merely passionate about your health, you want to know exactly what you are putting into your body.

What are the benefits?

When you use a product that is certified with Informed Choice, you have the following benefits:

  • Supreme confidence in the quality of the products you are buying.
  • The certified product is tested regularly, testing one random sample per month for banned substances and any kind of contamination.
  • The Informed Choice logo is the industry standard for absolute quality in nutrition supplements.
  • All products with the certification show the highest standards of commitment to quality assurance.

What does it take to earn Informed Choice certification?

To gain certification with Informed Choice, brands must allow their processes and products to be rigorously tested.

  • The first step involves a thorough interrogation of production processes. Only the highest standards are able to pass this stage of the certification testing.
  • The second step is pre-certification testing across multiple batches of the product to ensure consistent high-quality throughout the production line.
  • Finally, the products are subject to monthly blind batch sampling to check the integrity of products available on the wider market.

What it means for you and Kollo Health

We are thrilled to have earned this substantial seal of approval for our products. Your trust is very important to us, and this is another powerful way for us to let you know that our supplements are made to the highest standards. We want you to feel unstoppable, and part of that is making sure that you are putting the highest-quality nutrition into your body.

With supplements certified by the global standard for sports nutrition, we can help you be ‘Unstoppable You’.